Economy Standard Advanced
Animals £1.50+ £3+ £6+
Infantry* £2.50+ £6+ £12+
Large Infantry* £6+ £12+ £24+
Mounted Infantry* £4.50+ £9+ £18+
Individuals £6+ £12+ £24+
Characters (High detailed) n/a £15+ £30+
Small Vehicles & Monsters / Dreadnaughts / Walkers n/a £5 + MRRP** £5 + (MRRP** x2)
Large Vehicles & Monsters n/a £10 + MRRP** £10 + (MRRP** x2)
Super Large Vehicles & Monsters n/a £20+ MRRP** £20+ (MRRP** x2)

*minimum 4 miniatures
** MRRP = The Miniatures Recommended Retail Price.

Painting Levels Explained


A simple paint job to splash some colour on those bear plastic minis. 

The base coat has maximum of 5 colours with a 2 layer wash / shade. Details are not done. Eyes are either 1 colour or non existent. The base is just paint or left blank. Additional base features and miniature details can be added for an increased cost.

This is for those on a tight budget are for those with large hordes of warriors. Economy level is also ideal for some board game minis like Descent, Scythe, Mice and Mystics, Star Wars Imperial Assault and many others. 


The typical paint job to make your miniatures look decent. Essentially a slightly 'above average' tabletop quality. 

The base coat has an unlimited amount of colours and all details are covered. Two colour eyes can be applied for an extra cost or left out to keep costs down. There is also an unlimited colour of washes. Some basic weathering like rust, patina, blood and mud can be added too. The base of the model is a simple sand and flock with perhaps a little bit extra like shrubs and rocks. 

This is great for troops or squads in armies, detailed board game miniatures like Zombicide or anyone who wants good looking miniatures for a fair price. 


For amazing looking miniatures that look the part, go advanced. This is essentially your high tabletop level that will raise a few eyebrows. 

This starts with everything that 'Standard' quality has to offer and a whole lot more. Additional highlights are added and all shades and colour changes are smoothly blended for a great looking miniature. 2 colour (or 3 colour) eyes come as standard. Bases can be anything you can imagine including sculpted bases. Further details are done such as wood patterns, freehand tattoos worn armour dents - basically anything added to make your character look top notch. 

This is perfect for those that want high quality for their game or for special characters and elite troops in armies. This is also great for very detailed miniatures such as all Infinity, Guildball, Games Workshop models as well as any metal miniatures.

I you want a warband, team or dungeon crawling hero for epic games that look visually stunning, then treat yourself to our Advanced quality.